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Apr. 7th, 2020 10:56 pm
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I figure it is about time that I make a first post here at Dreamwidth.

As time passes, it may become my primary blogging location. If you add me as a friend here, don't worry if it takes me a while to get around to adding you back.

I would appreciate that anyone who adds me here please leave me a comment to this post.
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Water Works at the Beach

In the car together, the conversation took a little turn that was unexpected. The couple had been trying new things sexually, and some that weren’t so sexual, but maybe would be considered fetish type activities by the majority of vanilla couple’s standards.

They were in the middle of what should be a three hour car drive. They were on the way from the valley and across the mountains to get to the beach.

There weren’t a lot of places to stop between the two and so she had decided to minimize her consumption of fluids. It is a lot easier for a man to stand on the side of the road to pee than for a woman to squat to accomplish the emptying of her bladder.

He reached into the back seat, and handed her a bottle of water.

“I’m okay. No water for me thanks. If I drink too much I’ll have to pee like crazy before we even get to the beach house.”

He laughed then. “That’s the idea. Remember when I told you that I wanted you to pee on me? Well, this is the perfect opportunity. Drink as much as you can, and when we get to the house I want you to let go and pee all over me.”

“I thought you were kidding when you told me that you wanted a golden shower. You weren’t?”

“No, baby I wasn’t kidding. I want you to fill your bladder to the point of bursting and then I want to kneel down on our deck and I want you to pull your panties to the side and while I bury my face in your pussy I want you to piss all over my face and let it drip off of my face until my shirt and shorts are completely saturated in your piss. So drink up.”

She looked at him with her mouth hanging open. He’d mentioned it before, but not in such detail.

“On your face? Are you sure?”

“Oh, hell yes I’m sure. Gonna open my mouth too. I did mention that you should be drinking right now, didn’t I?”

“Yes, sir. You did mention that a couple of times,” she replied in between sips of water.

She then emptied the bottle she was drinking. She decided if they were going to do this, then they were going to do it right. She put the lid back on the water bottle and dropped it on the floor at her feet.

“Give me another bottle,” she said.

He smiled then. “Good girl,” he told her. That was the best thing about her. She was willing to try anything and he didn’t have to do too much arm twisting to get her to agree. They were perfectly matched like that. Since they were always willing to experiment, and neither ever judged when the other made a suggestion. As long as no one was getting hurt, it was all good.

He’d handed her another bottle of water as he continued the drive. They’d bought a case of water and he had planned on broaching the subject on the drive so had put it in the back seat exactly where he could just reach over the seat and grab bottle after bottle.

They were getting very close to their destination. She was really starting to get uncomfortable. “My belly is so full. When will we be there? I think I’m gonna burst.”

“Not long sweetie,” he said as he looked at the floorboard near her feet and saw a pile of empty water bottles. “You did real good, baby. It won’t be long now.”

They got to their beach house just as the sun was setting and their deck was isolated enough that no one would be able to see them or what they were doing.

Arriving at their destination he said, “Come on, baby. I’m going to help you over to the deck, and then I’m going to bring our stuff in while you drink some more water. It won’t be long, I promise.”

“You have got to be kidding. I don’t think that I can drink another drop without bursting.”

“Nope. Not kidding. Just sit here and relax, I’ll be done and ready in about ten minutes. If you can drink some more go ahead. If you can’t that’s okay too.”

He disappeared then, and as she sat and waited she managed to take a few sips of water but really that was about it. He came outside a few minutes later and knelt at her feet where he removed her flat sandals and one foot at a time put her into a pair of tall and nasty fuck me shoes.

“That’s better,” he said. She was wearing a short and flirty little skirt with lacy panties on.

“Okay, anything else you have on your mind besides the kneeling, the open mouth, and the pissing?”

He told her what he desired in exploring this particular fetish of water sports. She was a gamer, and he helped her to her feet. “Hold on,” he said. He had told her he’d changed his mind about still having his shorts on. So he took off his shorts and boxer briefs and then in just a t-shirt he knelt down in front of her, the dusky light and the lights from the house illuminating them though no one was watching.

He reached up with his hands and slid them up and down her thighs. She stood before him, on his knees as he worshipped her. He loved her and she loved him and there was nothing she wouldn’t do for him. As he continued to touch her the urge to pee got stronger and stronger especially as his hands started to move to her very full tummy.

“You ready?” he asked.

“Are you?” she replied.

“Hell yes.”

So she used one hand to raise her skirt up around her waist and then with her other hand she pulled her lacy panties to the side. She spread her pussy lips and he pulled her toward him and put his open mouth on her pussy and then he pressed on her belly and she started to tinkle. She was so embarrassed; really embarrassed. She couldn’t believe they were doing this. But just the little bit of pee that had come out already had given her belly a lot of relief. She relaxed and then just let go and just let the pee flow out of her, and all over his face and down his shirt and all over his cock, down his thighs and into a puddle around his knees, and still she peed.

After a considerable time, he pulled his face back and said, “Now I’m gonna lay down, pull those panties off and ride my cock while you finish pissing all over me."

She laughed, getting into the fun of the fetish experience. It was the first time they’d ever done this but she couldn’t deny that it was fun and hot and sexy all at the same time. “You are such a dirtyfucker. I love you so much.”

She pulled the lacy panties off and wearing the fuck me shoes squatted down over his cock, slid it inside of her smooth and wet pussy and started riding him up and down and since she was mostly empty of pee she had to concentrate a little to get the flow going again, but she was able to pull it off. As she bounced up and down on his cock piss started flowing all over his cock and dripping on his balls. She looked down into his wet face while she was fucking his throbbing cock.

“Dirty fucker, dirty fucker…” she kept saying and the more she said it the bigger he smiled.

She reached down and rubbed her clitty after her bladder was completely empty and she started to cum on his cock as he fucked up into her. Her pussy clamping onto his cock and then he started to cum too. She milked the cum out of his cock with her tight wet pussy and then as they finished cumming together she slumped forward onto his chest.

After their breathing came back to normal he said, “We better get cleaned up and get something to eat. Thank you sweetie, that was awesome.”

“It was, wasn’t it? I’d definitely do that again.”

He helped her to her feet and they stripped their piss covered clothes off and put them in a pile on the deck, he grabbed the hose and hosed down the area where the water works had happened and then hand in hand they headed into the house to take a shower together.
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I miss writing and reading my 'other' blog. I had realized that it was something that I enjoyed, but being without it for several days due to DDoS attacks it made me realize just how much.

Random thought about movies. I saw a George Clooney movie called The American and I really liked it. It was a quiet movie without any explosions, and there was a lot of time that he was the only actor on the screen. I enjoyed the difference in comparison to most Hollywood blockbusters.

In addition, if you have a thing for hand porn, which I do, there are a couple of scenes of watching Clooney do stuff with his hands that were pretty sexy.

End of random thought. Since I have no friends here yet, I suppose that this journal/blog will be for just me.


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